Friday, February 27, 2009

She said/He said

... what Gabe and I would say to each other when we asked these questions to one another..

1. What is something I always says to you?
gabe: "really"
Sarah: "Get Bent"

2. What makes me happy?
gabe... "Blizzards from DQ"
Sarah.... "sleep"

3. What makes me sad?
gabe ... "The Past"
sarah... "no coke in the house"

4. How does your spouse make you laugh?
gabe : "forehead"
sarah : " great come backs"

5. What was your spouse as a child?
gabe.. "young"
sarah... " had long hair and was mistaken for a girl"

6. How old is your spouse?
gabe..."how old are you?"
sarah... "not sure.. what is up with gray hair?"

7. How tall is your mom?
gabe.." just the right height
sarah.. " taller then me.. that is all that matters:"

8. What is her favorite thing to watch on TV?
Gabe.. " home edition makeover"
sarah..."24, house, or wrestling..whatever he is feeling at the time" or dave chapelle

9. What does your spouse do when you're not around?
gabe... "go crazy"
sarah.. "play with the kids.."

10. If your spouse becomes famous, what will it be for?
gabe.." loudest inside voice ever"
sarah... "something to do with computers.."

11. What is your spouse really good at?
gabe .."overstating the obvious"
sarah .. "fixing anything when he wants too.."

12. What is your spouse not very good at?
Sarah.."taking care of the cars.." gabe says that is not mean that is just the truth.. truth hurts just say ouch

13. What does your spouse do for her/his job?
Gabe.. "full time domestic goddess"
sarah.. "provider"

14. What is your spouse's favorite food?
gabe.. "breakfast tacos"
sarah.."his Filipino's grandmother's food"

15. What makes you proud of your spouse?
Gabe... "Jesus"
Sarah.. "rarely complains"

16. If your spouse were a cartoon character, who would she/he be?
Gabe.." a mix between Mush Mouth (Fat albert), Timon (Lion King) and a Smurfette( the smurfs)"
Sarah.." just Fat Albert" Gabe said theirs nothing wrong with that..

17. What do you and your spouse do together?
Gabe..."go places where we shouldn't be spending money"
sarah.."laugh alot together"

18. How are you and your spouse the same?
Gabe.."we are dorks"

19. How are you and your spouse different?
gabe.. "night and day..peaches and herb"
sarah.." talks too much/doesn't talk enough in public"

20. How do you know your spouse loves you?
Gabe: " because you are still here"
Sarah: " puts up with crazy ole me"

21. What does your spouse like most about you?
Gabe: " the way he can always make me laugh"
Sarah.." genuine heart"

22. Where is your spouse's favorite place to go?
sarah.. " to sleep"


Abby said...

That's fun! I'll have to do this one :)

Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

Hi Sarah, I deleted my previous comment. My "a" key sometimes sticks & my words look funny if I don't proof read.
What I said was, I love your header. You are very talented!