Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Catch Up From the Smith Family

I haven't been blogging in awhile and there were different reasons.. one being too lazy and trying to stay off the computer.
I wanted to just catch everyone in our life and our life in pictures...
Thanksgiving 2008 ( seriously I am behind.. but I feel these moments in our lives are worth documenting even months after the moment)
We were missing a few select vips.. but we had a great time.. Melisa even treated me to a pedicure.. All the girls cooked.. and the men cleaned.. and My mom just got to relax and play with her grandbabies.


I finally got to meet my wonderful brother's girlfriend..Melisa. She is so special to my brother and he treats her like a queen. She is very much apart of the Boerger family and we just love her. My children just bonded to her quickly.

Christmas 2008
What a special time with my family.. even though the stress of moving the week before didn't help out "game face" it was still lovely. We were so bless to have our mom to celebrate and hopefully many years to come. We even put up the tree on Christmas eve and then took it down the next day because of lack of space and trying to get everything moved in. My mom gave us girls beautiful bracelets with our childrens names on them.. mine actually broke.. hoping to send it to get it fixed.

A few special pictures from our Smith Christmas..Melisa and Jeremy stopped by on there way through from Winters to mom and dad's house.. we had some Chinese food with them.. the boys loved seeing them.


Susanne said...

Your family is just wonderful! Looks like y'all had a great time. All of the grandchildren are such cuties! I think Madi looks a lot like Mark. They both have that sceptical look.:-)
And the picture of Mom is really pretty!

Robyn said...

What a beautiful family. I really love your blog, you are a gifted girl! Tell you mom & dad hello from the Neels.
take care,

p.s. I can't place my post pictures like you do - how do you do that? (get them to stagger)