Saturday, September 27, 2008

Names in the Sand

In a few days it will be 5 years since I had a miscarriage. When this time comes around I think about what I went through. Some may say I was only 8 weeks and that doesn't count. Well a baby has a heart beat after only 2 weeks. I found this site from a comment on one of my blogs.

This sweet lady lost her baby sadly full term. This site is dedicated to her son Christian. She personally goes to the beach by her house and writes all this childrens names that have past. I feel every child deserves a name even if you miscarried early.
This is my post that she did for me. Thanks Carly. Writing on the sand symbolizes writing it and then the ocean safely takes it away. What a sweet way to show that all our angels that have past are in Heaven in the arms of Jesus.

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Teena said...

It is never easy losing a child, no matter what the age of the child, if your heart was already in it.
You never forget the loved ones you've lost, big or small. It is beautiful the way this one woman chose to remember by writing the names in the sand. Mine may not have had names yet, but each was a small part of me that was lost. They may get tucked away in our minds most of the time, but they are never forgotten.