Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Visit from our Niece and Nephew, Roberta and Alex

Our niece and nephew came to visit for about 6 weeks this summer. I came to know all too much about how much fun teenagers were. They were a great help with the younger ones. Both of my boys became even closer to their cousins because of all the time they got to spend together.
Roberta is quite the cook and loved to teach me new things and recipes every day. She was such a great help with the boys. AJ just loved to play with her and be held by her. Jared loved to use her as a jungle gym and play as well. It was nice to have some actual estrogen in the house. It was lovely to do makeovers, hair, nails, and just all around girly stuff with my niece. I learned a lot from her while she was here and enjoyed bonding with her on a deeper level. We were able to celebrate her birthday "13" while she was here. We had great food, Filipino peppered steak with veggies, rice, yummy cakes and lots of laughs, provided by Gabriel. We also celebrated his birthday since he didn't have a celebration when he turned 11 in April. He just loved his candles.

Alex was quite the handful but in a good way. He seemed to keep Jared busy outside or inside. He learn to make new things here and helped around the house as well. Today on our way to the airport he was remembering all the fun things he got to be apart of.
The most wonderful thing we all experienced while they were here was they were able to hear the gospel and they both gave their life to Christ on June 15, 2008. They both stayed after church on Father's day and asked a lot of questions and in the end decided to give their whole heart to Christ. I was their to witness and shed a lot of happy tears along with their Sunday school teacher,Laura.
Alex was blessed with a mp3 player that had the new testament on it by Carol, a lady in our church. He was so hungry for the bible and even called verses, poems from time to time. He spent many of days reading his bible and talked about wanting to go to Africa to help others and tell them about Jesus.

Here of some of the fun memories of their trip here.

Fishing by the River, Bowling on Fathers Day, Sunday School, Playing at the park

Meeting the firefighters of Leadville, Walking Downtown leadville

They swam many of times at our local aquatic center.

The Healy Museum and Dexter Cabin - Famous House in Leadville

Twin Lake, and driving up independence pass to Aspen,Co

We had a good ole campfire cookout at the Waters house. Alex and Berta made smores for the first time.

We went to the Denver aquarium.. and had a ball.

We finally got to enjoy the hot springs in Sailada,CO

They went to church at the lake. The missionaries from Uganda were their sharing what they have been able to do in Africa. The children have learned to tithe and by a collection of all the kids over a few months they save enough for the missionaries Jess and Bev to buy a Uganda bible. Berta and Alex got to go out on a little boat and play on the beach. It is fun to also hear about Jesus especially by one of Gods beautiful creations, the lake.

The last fun thing we got to do with Berta and Alex was a fun barbecue with our friends, The Mitchells, Waters, Seibels, and Sweet Carol. They gave a party for their kids that were here for the summer and they were leaving as well at the end of the week. Berta was able to try out one of her new hairstyles that she has been learning from You tube videos. We ate and laughed to our hearts content.

Even the grocery bill always seemed through the roof, it was a great time and we will never forget the 6 weeks we had with our niece and nephew.

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Rachel said...

You did a very good job putting all the pics together looks great, and looks like they all had lots of fun