Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life is not fair as my mother would say

Thoughts running through my head..
Why do I continue to always give so much and I get so little in return?
... give like you will get nothing in return... whole heartily... as my mother use to say
Why are teenagers have so much attitude?
.. upbringing... they are just teenagers.. puberty...."life is not fair"
Why does it hurt so much to feel like I have lost my best friend?
i can't even comment on that one
Why can I never keep my house clean and a mother of 8 children can?
I need to try harder... but remember that isn't the end of the road...
Why does God to continue to love crazy ole me?
Unconditional love
Why don't I always put my children first during the day?
because I am human (internet, tv)
Why does society push God away when he is so good and gracious?
Why did my hair turn to freakin red again after I dyed it my natural color brown?
the sun maybe
Why did I marry a man so completely different from me?
opposites attract
Why do we only ask for prayers in a time of need and fail to in times of praises?

Why does my son scream bloody murder in the middle of the night and I or Gabe can't calm him down for hours?
night terrors
Why am I such a dork?
God made me that way
Why were we almost out of debt and now back in it?
temptations.. selfish reasons.. non practicing of self control...not letting God run our finances
Why are true true friends hard to find?
because we all fall short
I guess what this all comes down to is God doesn't give us more then we could handle...even though .."life isn't fair.."


Sarah Lett said...

oh girl- i have those questins aboutmyself everyday too. being everything to everyone in your home can really make ya question what's wrong.....but don't forget to think about what's going right with you too :) lots of love from one crazed mom to another

Abby said...

This is why I love you!