Monday, June 23, 2008

My trip to San Antonio, TX May 27th- June 3rd

I had a chance to go to San Antonio about a month ago and what an eventful time that was. Before I even got their I has such a God moment. I was waiting to get on the plane and my mother-in-law was waiting to get off of her plane to go with my husband
to Indiana.

She was supposed to come off a gate far from where I was so I didn't think that I would be able to see her. Well low and behold she walked out of the same gate that I was going to board. I was so happy to see her for a little bit since I wasn't traveling with my hubby to Indi because he was driving and it was way too long of a trip for AJ.

I was able to see quite a few friends and stay with a few as well. I finally got to see my good friend,Christina of many years and her family. We worked together back in the day at Bill Millers in SA, TX. We have stayed very close and she is one of my few true friends. Her son is 3 and her precious daughter is almost 2. We barbecue and had a fun time catching up on old times. AJ enjoyed the kids crawling around with him all over the house.

A picture of AJ I took in Marje's back yard.. such beautiful grass.

Another wonderful time with my best friend from back in the day was with Marjorie and her husband Jeremiah. We were best friends for along time a few years ago and we have connected again. I decided to not get a rental car to save money and she came a pick us up and we had breakfast then went to the mall and just had a fabulous day. I was able to see her new house along with her husband. The crazy thing is her husband and my brother Paul were friends in high school and even took the military test together but decided not to join. We caught up on old times as well and AJ just flirted with Marjorie and played with Jeremiah the whole time.
It was a busy time while I was their for sure.

I did decided to make a business trip out of it and had a Mary Kay show at my best friend Alexis house. We had dinner and then a skin care class. It was a little crazy because we all had our kids with us so it didn't go as well as I would of liked it too but we still had fun. One of my favorite things was seeing my friend, Alexis put lip gloss on my goddaughter Alyse. She loved that and had such a beautiful smile to go with it.

I was able to hang out with Alexis and her family for about 1 1/2 days. Her kids have grown so much. Alyse, my goddaughter and I probably had our most special time together. I woke up early in the morning to help her get ready for school before the nurse arrived. I helped with breathing treatments and we sang songs while she was receiving her breakfast by feeding tube. She loved the "This little light of mine," song. I finally learned Godmother and goddaughter in sign language. She is not deaf she just has a jaw deformity from birth. The doctors will not be able to correct it until she is older because of the growth plate. I also got to see her practice for her dance recital in her walker. So precious.

I miss San Antonio from time to time but then I realize it isn't home for me their anymore and even if we wanted to move back we just couldn't.
The main reason would be the last couple days I was their AJ ended having the start of an asthma attack. I stayed with My friends Norma and David on the weekend. They have cats and I think along with AJ's cold and being worn down from our busy schedule he just couldn't hack it anymore. The humidity and allergens are just to strong. I thought he wheezing wasn't as bad as it was until Alexis came over and hear it and encouraged me to go to the hospital.

I was quite thankful that I did because he was on the verge of an attack and ending up being admitted. My other best friend Brenda and Marje went with me to the hospital and was I ever thankful that they were with me. It was really hard to not have Gabe their.. he was driving back from Indiana.They stayed with me for quite awhile. Brenda even stayed the whole night to help me. She was a lifesaver for sure. When I was trying to stay awake at 4:30 in the morning, he was jumping up and down on his stretcher from just having a breathing treatment with abuteraol. I couldn't stay awake any longer and I woke up Bren and she took over until we got a room upstairs with a crib for him to act crazy in. We ended up being their for a few days. It was hard seeing my baby go through all that. We had great care and the doctors were wonderful. Some of my friends were even able to come and bring me some clothes and visit for awhile. I just wanted to be home with my family and finally on Tuesday I was able to go home. I just want to thank all my friends that helped me through that crazy time, Bren, Marje, Lexy, Norma and David and the Carters. Thank you Jesus for such angels in my life.
I do not think that I will going back through anytime soon. I wanted to go to my high school reunion in September but coming all the way from Colorado, I not sure if it will be all worth it. We will see. The weather is just too crazy for my son and it seems that I will always have to make the effort to see my friends and I don't think they will be able to come see me.


denise windhorst said...

Oh Sarah! I know you may never be able to move back to SA, but Sa just wont be the same with out you. I hope you continue to visit your extended family down here in good 'ol south Texas! Im glad you and AJ were able to visit, Im sorry you and AJ had to spend the last couple of days in the hospital. Im happy is is doing much better now....Your pictures of your trip look so nice and Im happy for you that you were able to see all your close and dear friends that still live down here!

Anonymous said...

You're always welcome at our crazy household - just think the kids will be gone in August so we'll have LOTS of room HA HA! We loved seeing you and I'm just glad you guys are back home, healthy and feeling much better. You know we miss you and love you more! Thanks for coming and who knows - we might just make a trip up to the neverlands to see you guys - you know how much I LOVE SNOW:) :) Take care and keep an eye on the pirates! Give everybody a huge hug! Love you, 2nd mom (Sue) (Change your date - june 3)