Monday, June 23, 2008

Grand Lake, CO with the Boergers

Can you tell how far behind I am...
The boys and I had a chance to go see my brother and his family about a month ago. Wow how time flies and what a WONDERFUL time we had. I was a little worried about the drive. AJ usually doesn't do well in the car without me being able to attend to him. Well Gabriel wasn't able to go because he had to work so we set out on the adventure. Of course if was a beautiful drive and the whole way their Jared asked when will he get to see Paul, Abb, Beth and "auren" as he says it?.
We finally got their and wow is the word that comes to mind besides another view of God's beautiful creation. My brother and his family had been their for awhile already with some of their long time friends. They had this planned for awhile. My brother and his friend went biking for miles and even snow shoed in May, I know. To see the full vacation in detail, and I promise you will not be disappointed, you can see it full on my sil's blog,
I was able to go on the boat with my brother and our children, Jared and my niece Beth on the lake. It was so peaceful and the weather was amazing.

It was the first time in along time that I just got to chat with my brother about more then just medical things and it brought me back to when we were little and just hanging out. I miss those times, but we had to grow up sometime... well maybe him.. I am still a kid at heart sometimes. =) Jared and Beth got to play together.

AJ of course was his little independent self and just explore with all the toys. He got to have a little special time with his Aunt Abby while we were out on the boat.

Besides having such good relaxing times with my brother, my other favorite was just hanging out with my sil while she was getting ready to go on a date with my brother.

We chated and just hung out. I felt like I was just hanging my big sis and having girly time. I love being able to say that after having so many brothers that I of course love so much but yearned for an older or younger sis to just hang out with and be able to totally be myself. What a blessing the whole day was.


Abby said...

I love the pictures! I love you! BTW - your brother has NOT grown up ;)

Abby said...

Me again....I forgot to mention how white trash my family looks! Paul looks like Grizzly Adams. Did I even do the girls' hair that day? Obviously I didn't do mine or my make-up.
Glad you redeemed us a bit with the pictures of us leaving for our date!

denise windhorst said...

Looks like y'all had a great time visiting Paul, Abby and the girls. How sweet!!