Monday, June 16, 2008

AJ's 1 yr old photo shoot ( finally)

I have been trying to take AJ's 1 yr old pictures but is kinda hard when the mom is the photographer.. So when I went down to visit my friends in SA, TX.. I asked one of my good friends, Justin to help me with the shoot. We used my camera, his lens, professional flash, and his expertise. AJ in the beginning was not having it for real. He was tired. I was unsuccessful with getting him to take a good nap. He wasn't feeling the best..( that is a whole other post later). We walked him around the park in the stroller and let him sleep for awhile. I was so grateful to my friend Justin ( we go back like slap stick bracelets and rolled up jeans). He was so patient and sweet. In the meanwhile we took pictures of my friends little girls for a surprise for their mom and dad. I will share those pictures as well. So here they are hope you enjoy. Luckliy I got a chance to get the funk color out of my hair after the shoot...I am now have brown natural color. I know random info. Don't worry I am sending out photos..( abby) =)


Abby said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! He looks so big!

Deanna B. said...