Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally Posting Jared and AJ's Birthday!!

We decided to do their birthdays together because their bdays are so close together. Jared was also soooo excited to have his Nana and Papa here for their parties as well. That was the true icing on the cake for him. I was worried when AJ saw them he wouldn't remember them as much as he did. He went right into both of their arms and was so excited to see them as well.
He didn't stop asking about the party or nana and papa's visit until the day. Their wasn't too much attention on AJ but that is okay because he has fun either way. Hopefully next year I might do them separate. But if anyone knows me.. I am not the party planner. I give that award to my sil, Abby, for sure.
Since we were still in winter season..even though everywhere else it is spring..we had to do the party inside. We started at the Lake Aquactic center and then we ended at Pizza hut. We invited our friends and church family to join the fun. Jared hasn't really attached to any kid in particular but loves to play either way.

What blast we had swimming. Jared even tired swimming on his own with the guidance of his Nana and Papa. AJ liked it for alittle while and then it just wasn't warm enough for him.


Deanna B. said...

What fun!! You don't have to plan elaborate parties. Happy family time together is what is remembered and you get an A+ for that!! Your photos tell it all. Thanks for sharing. Love & hugs to all, Deanna

Sarah Lett said...

Looks like a blast! I second Deanna- being with family is what the little ones remember :)