Monday, April 21, 2008

random thoughts by Jared, VOL 1

Nana: I love you, your mommy,daddy, and your lil brother so much..
Jared: What about Biscuit, our dog, Nana?

We were in the store and we were waiting to check out and Jared saw one of the magazines and he said..

Jared: Mom why is that girl only wearing beads around her neck...she needs a shirt to cover up...
Mom: No comment...

We love to look at my sil's blog everyday together, Jared and I..
He loves seeing new pictures of his cousins, Beth and Lauren.
He saw them in their beautiful easter dresses and he said..

Jared: MOm, can I have a Easter dress too, so I can be pretty?
Mom: Dresses are for girls, not for boys
Jared: Oh, well do girl dogs wear dresses....