Friday, February 15, 2008

What Sarah is thankful for

I copied this from my SIL Abby's page..
besides the usual stuff as well... family.. friends..etc

1. JESUS.. for continuing to love me and show me grace everyday
2. my children... only when they are being cute and not making me want to pull my hair out... ( =) I am thinking outside of my brain again).
3. Being apart of the praise band at church
4. short haircuts that are not afros anymore
5. snowy mountain tops..
6. sexy husbands named Gabriel
7. dvr's.. without them I wouldn't get to watch any of my shows
8. my new bible from the women of Faith conference
9. my new cd's -- mandisa and Mark Schultze's
10. best friends that go way back... Bren, Alexis, Sarah L, Christina
11. new friends... Holly, Stacie, Shawnte
12. Big sisters... Abby
13. little ones laughter
14. filipino fried rice
15. smell of rain
16. gerber daises..
17. paying debt off.. or trying too
18. healthy mom!!
20. INTERNET/ cell phone.. to stay in touch
21. photography
22. women ministry group
23. dishwasher... I 2nd that one..abigail
24. warm towel out of the shower
25. my hubby running his fingers through my hair to relax me
26. dinner by myself after a hard day with the boys
27. changing of the aspen leaves here in colorado
28. memories
29. staying in touch with a few of my dearest friends..
30. spending time with my grandparents.. both Gabe's and I
31. my precious goddaughter, Alyse... miracle child..
32. sober and clean big brother..that I have finally gotten to know for the first time in my life.

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