Thursday, October 11, 2012

Andrew (AJ) is 5 yrs old, 6 months, 13 days old

A 2 minute photo shoot with my AJ.

                                         He was showing his boo boo on his lip.
                                          He has proudly lost 4 teeth now.
                                         This is what he did when I told him to look cute. =)
Favorite Foods- Grapes,Bananas, Apples with Peanut butter

Favorite Color - Red,Green, and Blue
Favorite Place to Go - Zoo
Favorite Place to visit -Papa's house
Favorite Thing to Do - Play with DS
Favorite Sweet Treat - ice cream and cookies
Favorite T.V. Show - Thomas
Favorite Movie -Nemo
Favorite Song - Car 2 songs
Favorite Restaurant - Whataburger
Favorite Clothes - pants and shirts (more like running around in his underwear)
Favorite Shoes - Cowboy Boots
Favorite Hairstyle - not too short
Favorite Book - 5 little Monkeys Jumping on the bed
Favorite Animal - Alligator
Favorite Bible Story - David and Goliath
Favorite thing to do at school - going to eat lunch
Favorite thing to learn at school - exercise
Favorite place to go after school - back home
Favorite Friend - Ethan

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