Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summers here to stay..

The boys have really been missing the backyard because we have had such weird weather lately.. they still have gotten to have a lot of fun so far this summer. They are sure nice and brown and they think their tan lines are the funniest things.
And yes they are in their undies on the slip and slide. They couldn't wait to go put on their swim and suits and I couldn't say no. Whether it be the sand box, the mud,the big slide, Big or small pool, jump-Polene, slip and slide or just the plain ole hose they are lovin it. AJ is forever asking for dirt and water!

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Deanna B. said...

Nothing wrong with swimming in your underpants, especially boys. Just be glad they have them on. Love their summer short haircuts. They are so cute and look so happy. Have I mentioned -- a few drops of liquid dish soap in pool as you are filling it makes lots of fun bubbles and gets them clean too; one of Brian and Brooke's favorites when little. I have favorite photo of Brian decorating Brooke with bubbles to look like Santa Claus. Love to all.