Monday, July 26, 2010

Ephesians 5:23 "For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church."

It's week #7 in our Summer Completing Him Challenge! Here's this week's challenge: Support his vision. Discuss his vision for your family. Where does he see your family in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years. Share with us how you let your husband lead.

We actually talked a lot about this, this past weekend and the past months. Our family has gone through a lot of changes and totally walking by faith more recently. My husband started his new job this past week and he is so loving it. He has been in the medical field going on 17 years now and is starting to feel burnt out. He has a few jobs in the fire and we were praying hard about where God wants us to be not where the most money, the best location, or what WE want. My hubby was offered a great job, great money, great location by a lot of my family, and benefits last month but in the end He told me that he was confident that it wasn't he job that God has for him and God had clearly closed the door on that job. When we were talking about it he has gotten quiet on the phone and I asked him what was wrong and he said, well I know you where excited about living there and a lot of your family is there. I said, "My family, is us and the boys!" That is my extended family. If you feel God has closed the door on this job then we will continue on to what He has in store for us. It was a totally step of faith, but that is what the Lord has called us to do. He will never forsake you and His plan is designed individually for each of us. In the conversation, I told my husband that I know I pushed for that job but in the end I am my husband helper and #1 supporter and if that is the decision God made for us then I will LISTEN and FOLLOW.
Well then my husband was offered a job in the town that I grew up in. I was excited for this one for sure. It is a big town with a small town feel. He had asked me what I thought about it, it would be a pay cut from the other and not sure exactly when we could move there and be all together. I asked my hubby, what has God told you? He said, "I feel God has given me the crystal clear peace that he didn't give me for the other job." I said, "Well that sounds great." I didn't think twice, honestly about the money or all the details of the moving and the 100 things that would need to take place in these upcoming months. My son starts kindergarten soon and we need to rent this house, and where would Gabe stay there until we could move there..etc. It didn't matter, this is God's plan and are going to be faithful to what HE has planned.

I was able to find somewhere for Gabe to stay until we move. It is a sweet family that lives in a farm house that I have known since I was little. The town we live in now always has plenty of families that are wanting to rent but there are so few places too. We are praying for the right family to live in our home.

We also talked about the 5 yrs or so vision. Gabe said he wanted to have this house finished being remodeled and sold. I am hoping to maybe work full time or part time while the kids are in school so we can be debt free and buy a house in the new city sooner then later. Ultimately my husband feels led into teaching high school and coaching as well. He has done many years in the medical field and he is so amazing in this field and has done many wonderful things. Above all he has the best patient care I have ever seen and that isn't just because I am his wife, we met in the medical field and have worked together twice. He feels being led to teaching now. He is going to be finishing his degree and then onto a Region 4 teaching program. We might have to move for that, and that is just fine, we are following God's plan for us. I don't even think twice about having to live off a teaching salary, because by that time we will have paid off our debt and we have already proven to ourselves we can live off of little with the right choices and budget. It is all about deciding what you really don't need and living small and within your means! I am excited to see where all this takes us and what God has in store for us!

I wanted to share a picture of my hubby spending quality time with our oldest, Jared.


Sarah said...

It's awesome what God can do when we step out of the way. I'm so proud of you guys!!!! Sometimes following is really hard, but being the leader is even tougher. Lots of respect for our husbands.

Sarah B. SMITH said...

Amen, thanks Sarah for the encouragement! Please tell Tim we are so proud of him and you of course. I like the way you said it, "It is awesome what God can do when we step out of the way."

Denise said...

Sarah, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Philip is thinking very seriously about getting out of the ARMY. What a HUGE change of pace/life that will be for all of us. The world outside of the military is very different, and this is all both of the girl's have known most of their school years. I thank you for sharing how you have followed your husband and support his decision. I am encouraged and reminded to give all my worries to God and simply get on my knees and PRAY! Love, Denise