Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a great family trip to Seaworld in San Antonio,Tx

I was so blessed to be along for the ride with my great family to Sea World to celebrate there birthdays together. I would like to start with a quote from my hubby about the trip. This was actually a status of his from facebook, which he rarely ever does one.

Gabriel Smith is happy and tired. SeaWorld was worth it for the boys reactions alone. Had a blast. Had an awesome time with Andy & Monica Rathmann, friends from high school. Had a great time with the church family from St. Paul in S.A.

It was quite a long road trip total of 24 hrs but as you can see it was well worth every minute. The Smith family times together is limited because of Gabe's contract job for the time being so our time together is even more precious. The boys couldn't get enough of their daddy and I loved seeing Gabe so happy to see us all so happy. We were sad though, my MIL was supposed to meet us for the day because she lives outside San Antonio. She wasn't able to make it but we hope she had a restful day.

I hadn't seen Shamu or even been to Seaworld since I was a teenager and what fun we had. As Gabe said the expression on the boys faces from seeing Shamu, to being up close with the dolphins, being able to do a water ride together as a family, etc. I loved when Jared was eating a turkey leg with his daddy and went on and on about how he loved it and loved being able to "eat as a family." The boys even got to meet and take a picture with Shamu's main trainer.

We went by Gabe's best friends store and they were able to visit for a little bit.
We must of had a good time because we were all asleep by 7:30 that night.
Sunday morning came and we went to St. Paul Lutheran Church, were I grew up. I love going there, it is so much like home. AJ had a few tummy issues so I was absent it seemed during the service but I was on momma duty, what can I say and happy to do it.
I was able to take the boys up to children's talk and they loved seeing the monkey and hearing Pastor Carlos talk about Jesus.

Gabe and I were able to go to Sunday school together since the boys went the Judy and Sharon's class and did well. I left for awhile during class because emotions just came over me. The last time I was there was with mom for Tim's ordination. I miss her so and could feel her sweet energy around there and almost hear her laugh as well. I took a walk in the court yard and had some prayer time and that helped.
My sweet hubby just loved on me when I came back and tried to enjoy the rest of the lesson.
We then went out to eat with just a few (20) of our friends and family at my best friend,Alexis husbands family restaurant. It is called Three Angels by south 410 in San Antonio. Yummy for real!
Alexis was our waitress and of course we had the best entertainment with her. I also was so over the moon when Alyse walked to me for the first time. She has been walking for awhile with her braces, but no walker. I was such a proud Godmother for sure. I loved being with all our St. Paul family and seeing all the success with Alexis's family restaurant.

We left there after a few tears and went to go visit with Gabe's friends from all the way back in high school. What a wonderful family Monica, Andy, Matthew, and Jessica. The boys had fun with the kids and what a great couple as well.
Over all we are so blessed and happy to have a great weekend vacation together.


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What a great post! Your such a talented momma! I always feel so blessed when the Lord brings such good people into our lives. :-)

Deanna B. said...

Hi Sarah, I didn't realize I was so far behind in reading your blog. Have enjoyed it all so much and all the wonderful pics. You are so good at sharing from your heart. Love you, MommaD