Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jared turned 5, wow.. can you believe it?

I can most of the time. LOL Jared is so smart and more full of love everyday. I have to remind myself sometimes that he is just 5 and not 10 yet. He is loving school and his friends. He constantly talks about the 4 musketeers, which are his main buddies.
Even when AJ started school all the boys including Jared where so protective of AJ on the playground and were all showing him the ropes. He proudly counts to 300 now and will count forever if I let him. =) He is so proud to have a firefighter as his Godfather, Matt. Ask him, he will tell you. =)We pray for him all the time together.
He is very helpful around the house and earns his commission ( not allowance). He loves to give his 10% to church every week. Jared and AJ get along all the time.. hehe.. well some of the time. They are both so independent and want to be independent from each other as well. Lately he has been trying to teach his little brother to close his eyes and fold his hands and stay still when we pray together. He also has been asking for a little sister lately.

Jared on his first birthday with his beloved Nana.

Jared with Nana and Papa and on his 4th birthday.

Also Jared will keep you accountable for sure. We don't say certain things in our house, for example, "Stupid or shut up." Well he is good about not saying that but the sad thing is it still comes out of my mouth sometimes ( especially) around the dog.. (errrr) and boy does he let me know that "I made a bad choice." I refer to him as a brown boy version of me. He likes to tell everyone that as well. We do "nana memories" every night so he will not forget about his precious Nana that he adored and admired. His favorite is "playing jacks and balls", and also reading books together.If I forget he is quick to remind me. He loves to talk to his Papa regularly and is wanting to get to know his new "dia."

Jared has taught me some much about life and love. I thank God for giving me the coolest 5 year old ever!

He really wanted a sword, Princess and the Frog DVD, and being with his daddy for his birthday. Well Papa gave him money for Sea World where he got his sword. He really liked the dvd, he was just being silly here. Gabe was at work the day of his birthday but we all got to go to Seaworld a few days later. I am thinking Jared loved that. More on that later.

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Robyn said...

Happy birthday Jared! I love the top photo of him turning his head sideways.

I have such a difficult time with placing my photos on Blogger. How do you get yours grouped so nicely?