Monday, March 1, 2010

Thanks Robyn and Denise for the award!

I am bummed that I have misplaced my book, that I have been reading, A woman after Gods own heart in all this re arranging and re organizing of the house. I want to finish my 10 marks of motherly affection.
So until AJ or Jared gives it back to me because it is probably in the toy box, I will share that I got a little blog award from a long time CREATIVE friend Robyn. She makes the coolest homemade cards and I just love looking at her blog from time to time. Go check it out, inspiring for sure!
I also got the same one from my Long time friend Denise. Denise and her husband along with there 3 beautiful girls are stationed in Germany right now, they have already had so many wonderful adventures, so fun pictures for sure!

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Robyn said...

I hope the book turns up! Have you read The Red Tent? If not, you should. Excellent reading!