Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Renee

I am first a daughter of our Almighty Lord, wife to Gabe, and "MOMMMMMY!!" to Jared and AJ. My husband would describe me as a hard headed, domestic goddess, skilled photographer, and a super freak. Those were the 4 ways he described me. Okay.. I would describe myself as..

visual learner
God- fearing
wears my heart on my sleeve
love to capture sweet moments with my camera
enjoy crocheting - "Granny Sarah"
My mom's nicknames for me was "Sarah Sue, Sarah Poo, and Princess"
love to tickle and play airplane with my boys
my kids teach me something new every day
not a huge fan of cooking but enjoy serving my family
love to sing His praises
never thought I would love living in a small town.. i do now
love my women bible study group that I am apart of
like to read
picked up pecans as a child to save one and only cabbage patch doll
The Lord reminds me that he is bigger then anything
I feel my mother's presence mostly when
I am taking the time to put my make up on and do my hair..=)
i laughed way too loud
i am a daddy's girl and miss my mom every day
I am the only girl with 4 brothers.. but have sweet sil's
i am so lucky ... my husband is such a good chef..

how about yourself? tell my something i don't know about you

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