Monday, November 16, 2009

A family weekend at last!

( he wasn't doing that.. he was just playing around =))

Since I have been working every weekend full time since the end of august I haven't had a weekend home with my family. Meaning no days off from school with Jared, not getting to go to church with my family, and being together as a whole with Jared.
Well since I was laid off last week this was my first weekend home. I just loved it. I got to play in the leaves with my boys, go to the park as a family and best of all go to church together. AJ was very clinging the whole weekend, didn't surprise me and I love every bit of it!
Jared even asked to rake the leaves in the front yard for $1.00

Yes that would be Jared in his swimming goggles.. he loves those things.. like they are a mask or something.. =)

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