Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday!

Disclamier: I may be full time on the weekends now at my job but I am still a full time mom and homemaker during the week.. as we are all full time moms and homemaker whether or not we work out of the home. We never clock out.. for sure! =)

The weather in my neck of the woods:
raining on and off and alittle humid.. praising the Lord for the rain

One of my simple pleasures:
my children's laughter
alone time with my husband even if it is just riding in the car by ourselves ... and then helping me bring my stuff into work for the whole weekend.. ( thanks bro for offering letting the kids go to sleep at your house while gabe took me to work)

On my bedside table:
I actually started to read my new moon again ( haven't read it before) and actually to the 3rd chapter now.. i now lame..
I also got to start a new bible study this week.."Loved by God" with my precious ladies at church on wednesday nights.. and it has daily lessons

On my tv:
the only two things i really watched this week was glee and grey's anatomy.. and not even all of it.. I have been trying really hard to priortize better with the 3 days good days that I have with the boys and my hubby.. trying to focus on them more and me less

On the menu for tonight:
not sure.. driving home from fort worth today.. maybe some leftover spagetti from last friday..

On my To Do List:
really need to print some pictures of my photoshoot that I did of my 30 mth old.. I want to get a few cards out as well, and my bible study time..

In the craft basket:
almost done with my special crochet project for someone real special =)

Looking forward to: hearing about my husband's interview that he is going to right now.. if it is the Lord's will

Homemaking Tip for this week:
less time on facebook more time with family!

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
My sister in law announced on her blog about the dates of the Race for the Cure in April.. our team will be called Fond of Vonda.. Vonda is my mother that passed of cancer about 7 weeks ago now. We will fight for her!

Favorite photo from last week:their are 2, one is actually not from last week but from an about 2 mths ago.. This is my sweet oldest neice with my mom two weeks before she past. Even though it is hard to see my mom so sick in this picture.. she still has a smile and looks so proud of her oldest granddaughter in this picture..
This second one is my daddy.. I just love him soooooooo much and so proud of Him.. He is fighting through the pain and grieve and continuing to live for Christ!!

( I borrowed these from my SIL)

Lesson learned the past few days:
The Lord has plans for our family.. not our own plans for ourselves..
I am so grateful to have 2 of the most awesome aunts.. Janean and Cynthia.. that I can call whenever.. and so comforted by their sweet voices.. ( sounding so much like my mom) and their prayers are so comforting.. for me .. a daughter missing her momma.. even though she is dancing in heaven and I will see her again one day..

On my Prayer List:
Big interview today for my husband.. the continual grieving process..
Having a big sister Abby that is one of the best prayer warriors for me..
Praises for my dad.. who is continuing to have more good days then bad days after losing his love..


debra said...

Great photos. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Just from this post it sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

shopannies said...

great photo hope hubbys interview went well

Jen said...

Great photos. Sorry about your Mom. Your homemaking tip is a great one!! Have a great week.

Jodi said...

Cute photos! Sorry to hear of your loss!

Abby said...

i love you, 1st