Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I love my new background. I got the idea from my sil, abby's blog. I am so excited about the race for the cure race in April that Abby is heading up. The team will be called "Fond of Vonda." Mark your calendars April 24th in Fort Worth. My whole family will be there, the 15 of us for sure. I am hoping a few of my friends and maybe some extended family come as well. We will fight for you momma!!! Even as young as I am or you maybe be make sure you do your self breast exams, and get your annual mammo's if you are alittle wiser in age =). Also you can go to this Breast cancer site daily and if you simple clicked the pink button at the top the sponsors pay for mammograms for those who cant afford them. Thanks. We will prevail! We will live for you mom!

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