Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation Part I

Disclaimer : I am not the most interesting writer but I love to share our memories through our pictures.

Colorado.. well we decided to change our minds at the last minute and we went to Indiana.. we stop at my parents the first night to pick up the suburban that we were going to buy. I so wanted to tell my mom but we keep it a secret. This is pictures along the way. We stopped at Dinosaur world in Kentucky. I am going to let Jared picked out a few with his fun captions...

Plainview Tx.. the start of the trip..

"Nana was pushing AJ all by herself," he exclaimed.

(Because the picture was angled)
Jared said, "We are going to fall off the porch, boomer too!"

We stopped at Dinosaur World in Cave city, Kentucky. The boys were so excited if you can't tell already.

"Scary T-Rex to greet you," Jared said with all sorts of noises.

"AJ is pointing at daddy and I am being silly," Jared said while giggling.

"I 'm running and AJ can't catch up with me."

"AJ is balancing on T-Rex's foot, hello. "

"AJ needs to lose his attitude, and we need to take the picture again, I wasn't looking."

Jared simply said, "ROOOAAARRRRR."

"What's AJ looking at?"

Indianapolis, IN
We made it Gabe's brother's house. Len is quiet but he is starting to warm up to me after almost 4 years now. His girlfriend and I always have so much fun together. We had dinner together at my fav place OTB, and took the kids shopping for alittle bit. Rachel's daughter Missy loves being with my boys. Len and Gabe had their bonding time together.. they fixed things around the house all day. Len didn't know we where coming either so he was quite surprised but happy to have his brother there. I claim Missy as my niece and we have become so close. I was sad that we didn't get to spend much time with my other niece and nephews or sister in law while we were there.

( Pictures but with no captions, Jared was done with the caption thing.)

I did a small photo session with Missy early Sunday morning. What a natural model she is. Here is a few, I am going to post the rest on my photography blog.

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