Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thanks sandra at diary of a stay at home mom for hosting

The weather in my neck of the woods: Hot!! We stayed inside today.. I worked all weekend at the hospital and was not intending on doing anything but the bare basics today..

One of my simple pleasures: concern friends that call at the right time.. thanks Sarah!

On my bedside table: my sword .. my bible
I am trying to finish the first series book of Twilight.. and finally saw the movie.. yes I am behind.

On my TV: rock band!

On the menu for tonight: take out from the Chinese buffet restaurant.. that is a treat because we are still getting the fridge fixed.. ( tired!!) sarah =))

On my To Do List: what is not on my do to list.. tomorrow.. our main thing is going to the new pool in town finally as a family..

New Recipe I tried last week: was a vaca.. and didn't cook much

In the craft basket: my sweet niece Bethany saw me crocheting during vacation last week and she asked nicely if I could make her just a small blanket for her precious stuffed animal that is a kitty. My first blanket ever that I crocheted was a baby blanket for her when she was born. My stitch is better I promise.. still special to her and her momma. I am excited to see her face on Friday when I give it too her.

Looking forward to: our family being employed. My husband lost his job today. But our Almighty God is in control and we are excited for the future for our family, job wise. ( tired!!) sarah =))

Homemaking Tip for this week: picking up as I go, and not letting everything pile up..

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other): My friend of many many years Denise shared some precious pictures of her new baby Moriah. My favorite is of Moriah and her daddy. He was able to come home for her birth for 2 weeks and now he is back in Iraq.

Favorite photo from last week: A fav from our vaca last week..
It is of my dad and my son. Jared calls my dad Papa.. and they just hanged out in the lawn chair for it seemed like forever just chating and my dad holding him tightly with lots of hugs and kisses and stories. Life is Good!

Lesson learned the past few days: Praying with your spouse daily is crucial!!

On my Prayer List: My hubby after losing his job today. My very close friend, her parents divorce was final today. Love for there family.


mindingmomma said...

Prayers from this house to yours for the job situation.
And the frig.

Sarah said...

keeping you & family in prayers --always- enjoy the extra family time. ((hugs))