Friday, October 3, 2008

A Thank You in the form of a Photo Shoot

My sweet sil Abby sent my boys the cutest Halloween shirts the other day. So in the form of a THANK YOU I decided to do their fall/Halloween shoot with these adorable shirts. I was excited because I have bought a few new props and we got to try them out with the boys. I have a big shoot coming up next week with Jared's preschool and I finally found a beautiful 1950's rocking chair at an antique store nearby. The boys loved their shirts and Jared was telling everyone that his shirt lights up and as I was telling Abby, AJ was so elated about the light in the shirt. That was the first thing to finally make him smile yesterday after being sick for a few days.
They just weren't having it when it came to being in the picture together.


Susanne said...

Very lovely pictures, you artist! :-)
We have a national holiday today, so long weekend is calling!! Love you!

Sarah Lett said...

i love the chairs! awesome find and super cutie boys!

Abby said...

YEA! Too cute. And, by the way, it is my pleasure to spoil my favorite nephews when I get a chance! Can't wait to do it more - IN PERSON!

Deanna B. said...

Wonderful photos!! Handsome boys! Gets me in the mood for Halloween.