Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am not sure how to tag anyone else within this blog so someone help me John, or Abby.

Abby says: Post the sixth picture from the sixth file in your photos.

I was wanting to do a cute picture of me when I was little and still "little" and cute, but as I see I have to follow the rules. This picture is still amazing either way because it is of my beautiful mother in the 80's.

2.Abby says: basically you are now supposed to share 7 pieces of random information about yourself on your blog. It's kind of fun!

a) I am being really lazy right now when it comes to house work and I have no excuse at all besides little ones beneath my feet always needing something.. ahh the life of a momma..
b) I meant to only take a nap this evening but then I slept from 5 30pm to 2 am. Thanks hubby. Of course this will screw my sleep pattern.. oh well I was really tired. Hopefully I can go back to sleep soon
c) I hate moving and have not helped my hubby pack one box yet.. I know I suck ..but I just don't want to move yet but better then the middle of the winter..
d) I am sad but hopeful.. Gabe's credit isn't as high as we thought it was so the pre-loan for the house didn't go through. We are working on it for real.
e) I really love to crochet... and tend to start a few different projects so I don't get bored with one or the other
f) still hating the color of my hair.. tired to get it dyed and it didn't even work.. she probably used a wash out or semi permenant. LAME.. pain money for the other one ...lame...
g)I have a hard time with people that are so fake.. be real or just don't speak to me..
Okay now it is your turn.. John, Dena, Sarah L., Denise, and Rachel... expect I do not know how to tag... help !!


Sarah Lett said...

done deal sarah :)
show me how to tag!!! LOL

~Just B~ said...

Go to The Cutest Blog on the Block website. Just follow their instructions. It's easy!

Abby said...

Thanks for playing!