Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jared Trip to the Zoo with Mommy / Dinner with Carrie

One of my new years resolutions was to spend time with each of my boys by themselves. It does wonders for their behavior with they have one on one time with mommy or daddy. I wanted to go see my friend Carrie who is a great friend of mine that I grew up in church with. See was in town for a work conference and the sweet friend, she is called me up and said she was going to be in Denver for a few days. I live kinda close to their so just Jared and I set out on an adventure that day. We went to the zoo and then met her for dinner later. Don't worry I left AJ with a good friend..not in the house by himself with cheerios on the ground to survive.=) Jared and I had so much fun together. He loved having all the mommy attention and learning about all different sorts of animals. His favorite by far is the frogs and the fishies. We then proceeded to pick up Carrie in downtown Denver. Easy right..with my texted directions from my husband. Well they didn't work ( not his fault, I suck at directions anyways). It took me awhile to find her and then we decided to not eat downtown because it was raining and no covered parking and with a 3 year old... you get the picture. Well we drove and drove and drove trying to find the highway...finally success...and then after over 1 hour of driving..we finally found somewhere to eat. Denver sucks when it comes to driving in it and actually getting off on an exit and being able to get somewhere. The great thing is Carrie, Jared and I had a great time together. Carrie and I have been friends since we were 12 years old and this was the first time that just her and I hung out without the "St.Paul Crew." We just pick up like old times and had probably too much fun getting lost.. well alittle stressful as well. Of course by the end of the night Jared stopped being shy and was all excited to play "hide the frog" in his hat with Carrie.

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1 comment:

Brandon said...

No covered parking in downtown Denver? There are parking garage's everywhere, and a ton of great local places to eat!

The only time you have to "drive everywhere" in Denver is if you're in the suburbs... which is not actually Denver.