Saturday, August 16, 2008

Daily thoughts Day 2 from

For Today...

Outside my Window
...cold, cold, and seriously might snow tonight.. not kidding

I am thinking
...why does my dog need so much attention

I am thankful for...time with my parents while they are here.

From the kitchen...yummy cream corn & chicken chowder today

I am fav methodist shirt.. the shirt that I received in my orientation when I started at Methodist Hospital back in 2001. Gabe and I met their... why it is special., blue jogging pants and barefeet of course

I am reading.. the newspaper .. Lance Armstrong biked in the Leadville 100 here last week and came in second..

I am hearing...the dog whining.. seriously on my nerves

Around the house
...destruction of the kids.. of course.. but don't worry they know who to clean because I don't play mommy pick up all day
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Church in the morning with my parents and sons, hopefully the weather holds out and we can go to the lake tomorrow, they leave on Monday and my hubby returns on Tuesday

A picture I wanted to share with you, Lance Armstrong in the Race her in Leadville


Sarah Lett said...

i love these simple post sarah! i stole one from ya yesterday, lol

Susanne said...

Hey Sarah! Those posts are sooo super cool! Reading it feels like being in your house! Love you!!