Saturday, June 28, 2008

A date with Jared at the circus last Friday

Surprise Surprise the circus was in town for a few days and I decided to take Jared by himself. It was the old timely circus in a big tent like the old days. It felt like a step back in time. We had cotton candy and roasted peanuts. That was Jared's first time for that. He wasn't sure if he like the cotton candy. It was nice to have one on one time with him since my house is quite full these days with my neice and nephew for another 2 weeks still. We had fun having our mother-son time.
My favorite part as a grown adult now =) was getting to ride the elephant. I never got to experience that when I was young and now I got to ride with my son. Jared was of course the expert when it came to riding the pony. He made sure he told the lady all about his horse riding days with his cowboy boots.

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