Friday, March 14, 2008

Mahal Ki Ta Lola Smith!

We returned a few days ago from Indianapolis for Gabe's grandmothers funeral. I am glad that we made the long trip to Indiana. I got to meet more of Gabe's family and become closer with ones I already knew.
Adela Cano Smith was almost 80 years old and live a very long life. She was married to Gabe's grandfather for 50 years and they had 9 children.
I had the pleasure of meeting her soon after Gabe and I were married. Her beautiful accent and love for all us was so welcoming. Her Filipino cooking was out of this world along with her famous dinner rolls from scratch. The first thing she said when she saw Jared was, "He is so handsome." She was well respected and many people came to show there respects. My mother in law also got to come and we had such a great time together.
Gabe hadn't seen his brother and sister in a few years so it was fun to see them, catch up and give each other a hard time.

Mahala Kit Ta Lola means..I love you grandma in Tagalog,Filipino dialect.

Another thing that was special was getting to see Gabes father's grave site. Their are a few family members all together. His cousin was looking at her mothers grave ( Auntie Alice) with big tears in her eyes. She was taken from is at a very young age.

The funeral was just beautiful and the priest had such a wonderful message full of the gospel.

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Abby said...

I know you loved her dearly and you spoke so highly of her after your trip to see them last year. I am thankful, though, that you were able to spend some special time with family.
Love you all!