Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My 28th Birthday

click on the card to see it bigger...
I am needing to get up to date on all the crazy things in out lives so I will start with my 28th birthday. My birthday was Feb 1 and it was a good day.
A few favorite parts was:
1. Having a healthy mom ( for the most part) on my birthday.
2. Beautiful Flowers from my hubby... unexpected
3. having AJ... was pregnant with him last year
4. Gabe being able get off of call so we could have dinner together
5. My neice singing "Happy Birthday" to me in her drama voice ( since she has just been in time out).. priceless
6. Jared kept thinking it was his birthday and was wondering where the cake for him was... silly
7. 3 out of 4 brothers called me ( Paul by way of Abby)
8. Beautiful cards via email and myspace


Sarah Lett said...

glad you had such a wonderful birthday! ((hugs))

Sarah Lett said...
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Deanna B. said...

Birthdays are a time to celebrate and we do celebrate YOU!! Was soooooo good to see you last Sunday. You look terrific!! Love & Hugs, Deanna