Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Top Questions of 2007:

What was the hardest thing you had to do this year?
Learning of my mom's cancer returning and knowing how it could affect her.
Going to Leda's funeral.. She passed from bone cancer ( breast ca that came back in the bone) That hit home..and I just loved her so.. I miss her voice and bubbly personality.
Leaving Texas( my home for 25 years) and moving to Colorado
My inlaws split up ( Gabe's mom & Stepdad) But Sadly for the best.

What was the most fun?
Christmas '07 with the Boergers
Being with my oldest brother, Jeremy, he is finally himself
Getting to live in the mountains with beautiful scenery everywhere.
My husband.. continues to make me laugh everyday.

What were the milestones?
Our second son AJ was born in March.
Celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in January.
Building a real and genuine relationship with Abby.
Jeremy reaching one year sober and dry.
Gabe starting a new job as director here in Leadville.
Watching my boys continue to grow and learn.

What was your biggest accomplishment?
Getting over the fear of starting my new Mary Kay business
My photography business- Capturing Gods Blessings
Giving birth to AJ naturally
Nursing AJ for 9 months.

Something you wanted to do, but didn't?
Lose my goal weight.
Spend more time with Jared one on one...
Getting more alone time with Gabe and doing less selfish things of my own.

What was something you worried about, but don't anymore?
Losing my mom
Being pregnant, but on birth control

What made you proud?
My dad, continuing to stay as strong as he can with all that life brings him.
MY husband.. Amazing Man of God, Provider, Leader, Lover =), Father to his 2 boys
Having a big sister to look up to and confide in.
My brother, Paul, his success as a student and now as a pediatric orthopedic nurse practitioner! All the while he remained an amazing husband and daddy.
My brother, John, graduating college in 3 years. Smart Asian. =)

What is something you want to remember?
Take time every day to spend with the Lord in his word.
Cherishing family while you have them.. and remembering to not sweat the small stuff
Do not forget to count all the numerous blessings God has given us.


Abby said...

Not knocked up, huh? It would've been fun, but enjoy just the boys...for now! Thank God for birth control ;)

Deanna B. said...

I enjoy your site so much, Sarah. Thank you for your openness and willingness to share. Love you!!