Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AJ is finally army crawling and pulling himself up.

AJ just turned 10 months on the 28th of January. I know every kid is different but I was hoping that he would either crawl soon or do something new. Well today I found him standing in the crib.. and then started army crawling all around the living room. He is such a joy. He tends to be more mellow most of the time. He is starting to actual reach for me and his daddy when we reach out our arms. He loves to laugh at his big brother and momma when we are being silly. I love seeing the look on his face and how excited he gets when Daddy comes home from work. I am so blessed with both of my sons.


Abby said...

I love the shots of him smiling! It must be the Boerger genes in those second babies, because Lauren took her time, too. Why hurry when big bro or sis will do it for you?!?!?!

Sarah Lett said...

he's sooo cute! i love hearing his baby voice on while we are chatting :)