Friday, December 7, 2007

Prayers for little Addi Faith

I have so many memories, stories and pictures to share of family and friends but I wanted to dedicate this one to a little girl named Addi.
I have been interested in getting a few businesses started including photographing. Nothing real serious just an enjoyable hobby of mine that I want to share with others. I want to capture their moments of blessings as well. Well my friend Sarah Lett had emailed me a link of a photography site called " Chubby Foot Photography". I was trying to learn new poses for families and new angles. I ended up reading her blog and found out about a little girl Addi and her family.
( Insert from the photographers blog)
She is almost 2 and fighting cancer. Thanks to Amber's instinct, Addi had an MRI that found a brain tumor. It is called AT/RT . She was in the hospital ALL summer and has been undergoing Chemo and Proton Radiation ever since. She has just recently been put back into the hospital with a new tumor. Tony has started Addi’s Faith Foundation with the intention of raising thousands of dollars for pediatric brain tumor research. They will put any money that is not needed for medical care into this foundation.

I was interested in looking at her site, from a site called Care Pages and found out that she had sadly past away and was in heaven now with Jesus. I was so filled with tears. My heart broke for this family. I started reading comments about Addi and they were so sweet and thoughtful. Here is just one..
Amber and Tony~

It was just a little over 2 years ago when Heath found Scott at a baseball game and we quickly learned all about your family including your soon to be born Addi. Your family is so special to the Moore family. God works in mysterious ways and we never really know God's exact purpose for our lives. All I know is that Addi is very special because she fufilled God's purpose and plan in 22 months. We pray for you constantly-for your healing, comfort, and especially for the boys--that God help them to understand.

We will never know the magnitude of Addi's life, but I know she has changed a lot of people's lives and their view of Christ. You guys are amazing and we are here with you every step of the way.


I may not of known this family or this precious little girl but we are family in Christ and Addi is a precious sister in Christ of mine. I am so thankful for my children's health along with my whole family. So thankful for my mother's continue recovery in cancer as well.
Please keep this family in your prayers. Visitation was yesterday so maybe today she will be laid to rest. Gods Speed Bender family

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Deanna B. said...

Thanks for sharing, Sarah, and for saying "Yes" to the Holy Spirit in your Christian witnessing to others.