Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my sick baby, AJ

This was the first time that my son, AJ, was ever sick. He has been dealing with a cold, fever, sneezing endlessly, congestion and body aches for the past 3 days. I took him to the doctors today and got him some good decongestant. He is finally smiling again. It just breaks my heart when I could tell that he was in pain and anything I did, didn't quite help enough. I remember my mom singing to me when I was sick. I just sang and sang till I feel asleep. I am not complaining..I am happy to be at home where I can take care of him. I am must so exhausted in every way. I know it will all get better. I just wish that I had more energy right now to clean my house... I know that was random..

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Deanna B. said...

Precious moments, Sarah. Housework is always there and can wait. Love all the photos!!